governance – board member – speaker – presenter – consultant – hearings commissioner

As a young maori man I started my governance journey as the student representative at Gisborne Boys’ High School in 1997, my learning journey has been a long and varied one.

It has culminated into me becoming a trained Hearings Commissioner, being mentored by exceptional people and being given positions of leadership in the governance spaces I occupy. The majority of my current deputy chair and appointed positions are to do with finance, audit, risk and regulations, however there are others that are based on my education, work history and personal interests. For specific information, see my cv.

As a governance member, I have done the enjoyable.

I have personally been involved with four successful Educational Review Office reviews as a school Board of Trustees member. I have also been involved with the vetting, shortlisting and employment of one general manager and two high level CEOs. I have seen very successful funding years, high performance and high customer retention.

I have also done the hard yards.

I have been on a board when school numbers were declining. I have been in the governance seat for the restructures of two different organisations, which were very tough. I have been personally involved in performance management of high tier staff. I have been on organisations that have been very close to insolvency, and others under fiscally tight constraints. Over my work and governance career I have seen staff complaints and student complaints about each other, executive management and even myself.

I also got to help turn that school around and increase those school numbers. I saw the appointment of staff into other roles in the organisation and the creation of new roles for new ways of helping our customers. I helped turn exec staff performance around. Every organisation I have been involved with is still solvent. I helped repair relationships and some things I just took on the chin.

That’s what being in governance is about. Taking the hits for a greater, bigger kaupapa than yourself.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of things and developed a lot of knowledge and techniques to manage different organisational climates from a kaupapa Maori base, while managing and maintaining my own self care as well as the organisations.

This has led to me being invited to speak at various events, like the 2019 Young Pacific Leaders forum in Fiji and the 2018 Asia New Zealand Leadership induction dinner in Wellington. I was also invited to be part of various delagations like the Te Puni Kokiri delegation to Japan to meet with the Ainu and the Asia New Zealand delegation to Korea, both in 2017.

I have personally mentored new and seasoned board members and been a sounding board for issues they may be having, from management, to systems, to safe process and policies. Many of these have been board members of organisations that service a high population of Maori so I have been able to expand the conversation to delve deeper into the governance connection to a Maori worldview.

To learn more about me in a governance capacity then please feel free to read my governance blog posts.

If you have queries or questions regarding your school, board, or organisation, or if you would like to engage me in a professional capacity then please feel free to email me.