As a young Māori man I started my governance journey as the student representative at Gisborne Boys’ High School in 1997 and ever since then my learning journey has been joyful and challenging.

Today, I am the Deputy Mayor of the Gisborne District, the Deputy Chair of our Hauora Tairāwhiti Health Board and a trained Hearings Commissioner to name a few. I govern an approx total of $4.5billion dollars of assets and a total annual spend of about half a billion dollars. I’ve been mentored by exceptional people and have earned positions of leadership in the spaces I occupy. The majority of my positions are to do with health, education, regulation, finance, audit, and risk.

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I have experience governing an organisation through it’s core responsibilities; employing and managing CEOs, external reviews, high level strategy and principle development to name a few.

As a Governor I have also seen my organisations through tough times; low customer numbers, high staff turnover, organisational culture change, declining enrolments, change management, reputational risk, and performance issues.

I have always preferred to operate in the latter, as I have a view that these are opportunities to help develop and improve an organisation and also sharpen my governance skills. I enjoy leaning into the tough governance jobs as growth opportunities for myself.

I have a history of working through change and as a result have taken a lot of hits, resulting in a very tough governance chin.

Over the years, I have developed my own governance style which holds an organisation to account from a kaupapa Māori base, balancing my own self care as well as the organisations even amidst massive turmoil and change.


I have been invited to speak at various events, all over the world. I’ve enjoyed speaking locally to groups like Cobham School students (pictured above), entrepreneurial events by ‘Taiki E!’ and to wharekura tauira at Ngā Uri a Maui about Māori Leadership.

I’ve presented to Young Pacific Leaders at the 2019 Young Pacific Leaders forum in Fiji about Māori Leadership in a Local Government space. I’ve also presented at various conferences around the world in Cuzco – Peru, Oahu – Hawai’i and Ankara – Turkey. I have had the privilege of being invited to be a part of various delegations like the Te Puni Kokiri delegation to Japan to meet with the Ainu in 2017, the Asia New Zealand delegation to Korea, also in 2017 and the Asia New Zealand delegation to Japan in 2019.

I have helped re-establish international relationships between Gisborne City and our sister city (Nonoichi) and our sister port (Gamagori) in Japan and have hosted many international delegations in the Gisborne area. I have very strong relationships across Korea, Japan and China. In a post covid world I plan on growing those relationships and helping foster some more of my own in more places.

Me hosting Mayor Awa from Nonoichi, Japan and his delegation aboard the waka Hourua, Tairāwhiti.


For external organisations wanting to engage in Te Tairāwhiti I offer a boutique consultancy business. I am currently working professionally with a handful of organisations to ensure they get their engagement right with people on the coast, particularly with Hapū and Iwi Māori.

Additionally, through my business I have mentored primarily emerging, young and POC board members and been a sounding board for issues they may be having; from productive management engagement, to systems governance, to safe processes and policies.


I have always valued education and have always continued to educate and challenge myself in order to add my skill set.

At the moment, I have focused my professional development on Heath and Safety governance, and delivering professional services in the Health and Safety Assessment space, particularly regarding the assessment of Asbestos. I have completed the IOD courses on Health and Safety governance and am trained in the safe removal of both friable and non friable asbestos and the supervision of the safe removal and assessment of asbestos.

I believe that it is imperative to have working, practical knowledge in a space in order to properly govern and effectively sit as a Hearings Commissioner.


  • Member of the Institute of Directors (2020)
  • Hearings Commissioner (to 2026)
  • Hearings Commission Chair (to 2027)
  • Sitesafe Passport Certified (to 2023)
  • Asbestos units 29765.2, 29766.2, 29767.2

If you have queries or questions then please feel free to email me.