In late 2017, I was down in Napier visiting my aunty Helen. My cousin Ange was there too, she had been recently working in the film and television industry in Auckland. Making moves. I had always been asked about whether or not I’d want to do something substantial on TV/video, a documentary or movie kind of thing. Especially because I had been on news items many times before. However, I wasn’t entirely sure about the idea. Relationships are big for me, and I need a connection with someone before doing some kind of mahi (work) with them.

Due to these previous conversations and having my cousin sitting in front of me, I told her that if she ever wanted to tell my story, then she has my blessing to do so and I’d absolutely support her in it.

Then in early 2018 Ange received funding and a mentorship through Someday Stories and by August 2018 that mini doco was released.

I’ve always known I had a story to tell, and my cousin Ange was definitely the right person to tell it.

Love you cuz.

Watch the doco here.

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I Am Waru. Director: Angela Cudd