NativeSchoolsActImagine NZ was invaded tomorrow and all of a sudden our kids weren’t allowed to speak English or Māori in school, they were only allowed to speak Klingon. Furthermore our kids are beaten if they speak anything except Klingon.

We can speak English and Māori at home but now the entire school system is based around a language we as parents can’t even help our kids out with. Klingon speaking parents would be able to help their kids tho.

As a result our kids schooling is affected because they suck at Klingon. Low school performance leads to low grades which leads to low educational outcomes which leads to lower job prospects as adults which leads to low income/poor housing/fewer health and food choices and also an inability to help your own kids with their education coz school sucked for you coz you didn’t speak Klingon which then perpetuates the cycle.

Couple this with wars, coz let’s be honest, we don’t exactly have the strongest military presence, replace our religions and our good ole kiwi DIY, no 8 wire way of life with a completely foreign way of living, legislate it and you have the perfect recipe (give or take some bits) to suppress our nation.

In the meantime the Klingon speaking kids are doing amazing, they do well in school because they understand what is going on (even the unruliest of students would be able to comprehend better than a non Klingon speaker), their job prospects become better and long term whanau outcomes improve.

If this goes on for two generations and then it takes another two or three generations to even recognise that this shouldn’t have happened in the first place then there’s gonna be some long term issues right?

Some like to say ‘stop living in the past’ or ‘build a bridge’ and most people have stopped living in the past and have built bridges to be honest, but there are still long term effects which need remedial action. There needs to be central Govt supported practical solutions implemented in order to fill that gap of 1) our language as a nation and 2) our education as a nation.

We need to know where we’ve been as a nation in order to figure out where we are going.

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