The Waru – Film. Made me want to:

Offer help. To my struggling neighbourhood. To those solo parents whose stories I know oh so well. To the tired. The poor decision makers. The broken. Reflections of myself.

Be an honourable man, to the vulnerable, for the grieving, to not overstep. Coz even if Yes is the answer, sometimes you shouldn’t have asked the question.

Be brave for MY babies. Calmly face adversity for OUR babies. Father MORE babies. Whangai ALL babies! Just … babies bruh!

Go back to hug those who we have lost before we lost them, hug those in the present who have lost, hug those for the future who are ‘here’ but are lost.

Reach. Stretch. Extend. Comfort. Hold. Talk. Feel.

Waru made me want to do all those things.
And more and more.
And more.

I didn’t come out feeling vulnerable like I thought I would. I came out feeling resolute. Coz I am on the right journey.

Whanau | Iwi | Community | Māori | Nation

Let’s change it, yeah?

Thank you for your voices wahine mā.
I am oh so proud I know you.
We are oh so lucky to hear them.

For my detailed reflections read, I am Mihi, I am Waru, or read my Masters Thesis on Traditional Māori Fatherhood.