There were many great things that happened here over the weekend.

Congratulations to Rangataua o Aotearoa on the success of their event, Te Ihi a Tū, on Saturday night. The event was run well and everything handled with seriousness and care.

I’d like to acknowledge the whānau from Mangatū for their exhibition on Friday, titled ‘tao-ngā pare-mata: Mangatū taonga returned’. Hallmarking an important milestone around the return of artefacts from the Auckland War Museum back to Tairāwhiti.

Lastly, I’d like to publicly acknowledge my daughter on the release of her three song EP, Ahakoa He Iti on Friday night. The event was well attended by many. To write great songs and to perform them so well at 15 years old is a notable achievement. E poho kereru ana au i a koe, e kō. I’m very proud of you.

This week in council we have Future Tairāwhiti and the opening of the Library. On the FT agenda is safe bridge jumping and Titirangi Summit Redevelopment.

Today we see the culmination of a lot of hard work and time in the opening of the new library.

Growing up the library was my favourite place to be. It was my safe place away from a not ideal home life. Even the process of reading was enough to take me away on journeys all around this world and others. I was a voracious reader and the staff there knew that, so they would let me take a ridiculous amount of books home, way above the allocated limit. I would read them all too, some books I would read multiple times. Then I’d spend my time looking forward to returning them so I could take a whole bunch of new books out again. To say the library was important to me was an understatement. It was and is so much than that to me. I hope it is that for other young people in our community.

I am looking forward to being at the dawn ceremony at 5.30am as a Councillor. This will be extra special to me.

Bridge jumping is on our FT agenda. In a nutshell, the installation of a ladder and increasing monitoring of the area has led to an improved bridge jumping experience for many. Although it is only been one season, there was a marked increase in jumpers at the rail bridge which is an indicator that jumpers were being pulled from elsewhere.

The paper recommends maintaining the current system of increased monitoring for the two-month peak period, the installation of light furniture and a drinking fountain, pending water supply; all very sensible recommendations. I imagine the furniture and fountain will also be well patronised by walkers, cyclists, tourists and people going to fish at the pier.

The redevelopment of the Titirangi summit is explicit in that it is entirely reliant on external funding. An application has been made to the Provincial Growth Fund to fund the summit through to Puhi Kai Iti/Cook Landing Site. We have also had positive indications from various groups about helping make the summit ideas happen, which I think is positive and exciting.

The summit of Titirangi needs to reflect our area, geographically and historically. We have rocket lab in view, the best coast/sky views in the city and a rich history linked to that maunga. We can make the summit reflect these things. First thing it needs is definitely a tidy up!

I hope you have a great week, Tairāwhiti.

As always, very proud to serve.